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How To Turn Your Book Into A Bestseller
By Judy A. Kessinger

Everyone loves a good book. Whether it is fiction, autobiography, comedy or just reading about your favorite subject, getting your book in front of readers and having it become a bestseller is one of the keys to successful writing. It isn't as difficult as you might think, but it will be worth it once you see you name in print on the next bestseller list!

Darcie Chan is one author who knows the trials of getting her book "The Mill River Recluse" out to readers. She sent queries to more than 100 literary agents and most rejected it. Darcy Chan eventually opted to self-publish and promote "The Mill River Recluse". She bought some ads on websites that target e-book readers, paid for a review and priced her book at 99 cents to encourage readers to try it. Her strategy worked. She is now receiving a steady stream of monthly income. To date Darcie Chan has sold about 413,000 copies and has made around $113,000 before taxes.

Here are tips on how you can become successful with a self-published book:

1) Hire an editor. They will be able to pinpoint things such as errors in spelling, punctuation, etc. that may not occur to a new writer. An editor will go over your entire manuscript with a fine tooth comb and make sure you are being presented in the best possible light for readers who choose to purchase your books now and in the future. They will be a godsend for any new author to consider.

2) Choose a great title. This will draw someone to your book and want to purchase it for themselves or for someone as a gift. Keywords and tags are another selling point to draw the reader in and will give them something to catch their imagination. In addition the title needs to make the reader want to know what the pages hold and keep them interested until the very last page.

3) Create an eye catching book cover. You want it to stand out and correspond to what the book is about. Some of the most memorable covers are one you don't expect but once you read the book you go back to it again and again and refer it to others.

4) Get a book review. This lends credibility to not only the book but also to the author. Many readers may buy your book based only on the reviews they have read and nothing more.

Kindle Direct Publishing

If you've decided to sell your book on Kindle, you will want to look at a couple of things for success. First, look at it from the buyer's perspective and how they will find out about your book. Secondly consider the price point and make it affordable for your readers and still be able to make a profit. Last but not least make sure you have double checked everything before it is available to the public so there are no last minute "oops" you may come across.

Choose the right book category

Look at how advertising is done to reach the widest audience and target your book in a similar manner. You will reach more people and have it available for those who are seeking out what you have written. Having your book placed in the appropriate area (such as fiction, biography, etc.) means customers will find your book quicker than if it is randomly placed just anywhere.


Twitter is another popular way to promote your book. Utilize all the available information there such as the hashtag and decide on a landing page so readers will be drawn to your book.

Email Marketing

With email you can offer sample chapters or instructional videos for those who sign up to receive more information regarding your book. You can send multiple emails at once as a way to reach many people and get them interested in your writing and have everyone talking about the newest book on the market.

Use Signature Line

Creating a signature line will say something that will make people want to find out more about your book. Carefully craft every part to describes you & your book. For example:
Sally Smith
Author "Book Title Here"
Follow Me: www.twitter/mybookfanpage |

Remember to include your signature line at the end of email messages and whenever you comment on blogs, reader forums, Facebook groups, etc.

Competitively Price Your Book

You may have read John Locke's book "How I Sold 1 Million eBooks In 5 Months." He priced some of his books at 99 cents and found that by doing so on the older titles it worked to his advantage and by pricing the newest books at $2.99 and up this strategy gave him a better percentage of the profits. Make sure that a brand new book is not placed in the bargain bin especially when it is a good read.

As you can see there are many ways to turn your book into a bestseller. These are just a few and once you begin writing and selling books, you will come across many other ideas. Your success will become worth the time and effort you have put in when you see your book(s) turn into bestsellers each and every time. Seek out other authors who have become successful in their own right and find out what ideas they may have. You may find that this process is much easier when you have others' guidance and encouragement.

Good Luck!

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